#EDENLIVE SN | FW20 - Studio Photo Booth - Megabooth


#EDENLIVE | SN's first exhibition in London


Studio Booth activation for artist SN at Eden Art Gallery in London – #EDENLIVE

On the final day of London Fashion Week, the Eden Fine Art Gallery hosted one of their #EDENLIVE events featuring artist SN. Initially, SN began his career as a photographer. Photography helped SN discover his passion for nature and art. He soon transitioned this passion into butterfly artwork, which gave him the name worldwide as the butterfly artist. 

Art enthusiasts were invited to the #EDENLIVE event to view SN’s latest butterfly collection. The exhibition features all mixed media fine art. To explain some of the artwork, SN immerses the butterflies into 3D superhero masks. The Batman or Superman mask are examples of this. He then places them onto pictures of strong, iconic women such as Kate Moss and Marilyn Monroe. SN references these women in his art to bring to light the influence they have on our society. The superhero collection is one of many other beautiful art pieces on display at the Eden gallery.

Along with the artwork, guests could enjoy music, food, cocktails, and not to mention the studio photo booth. 

The Studio Photo Booth at #EDENLIVE Exhibition

Our Studio Photo Booth achieves a high quality ‘studio style’ look with the same functionalities of our photo pod. At the #EDENLIVE SN exhibition, gallery visitors could print and share their photos instantly. 

The magazine overlay that ourselves and the Eden Fine Art Gallery created allowed guests to become immersed within an Eden magazine cover. The magazine is an Eden gallery version of Fall Winter 2020, with the main headline being SN’s first exhibition in London. The branding is both creative and informative. As well as this, the branding includes an SN quote “Between fantasy and reality, fantasy will win every time.” We’ve added some examples of photos below from the event. 

#EDENLIVE | Eden Fine Art Gallery Magazine Cover



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