DIY Photo Booth

DIY Photo Booth

DIY Photo Booth – Transforming any space into a photo booth

We recently built a photo booth in a bubble ski lift at a wedding, and it gave us an idea; a photo booth is a mobile product that can transform an exciting space into the perfect backdrop for a photo.

Bubble ski lift photo booth | DIY Photo Booth

We already have a fantastic range of photo booths built inside classic cars, inflatable structures and retro LED indoor booths, however, if our selection still doesn’t tickle your fancy, we can now build a photo booth into any space you like.

How it works

The process for us setting up your own DIY booth is simple and the quality of the software and the photos will be identical to our own bespoke booths. From the top of the range SLR camera to our award-winning instant photo printers, offering the latest advances in dye sublimation technology and cutting edge touch screen computers. You’ll have mind-boggling range of photo options at your fingertips with our latest software. Existing tools we can include in your own DIY booth is the option to customise the software with your very own branding, add social media options and use a wide array of Instagram type filters. The latest advances include the option to add a hilarious animated GIFs, for the users to choose between that and a still photo and the option to send photos by SMS.

If you’re considering sprucing up a space or you’ve recently purchased a ‘ski lift’ type area (as you do), that you think would be perfect to build a photo booth inside, pending a site inspection and health and safety conditions we can now make that dream a reality!

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