DIY Christmas Props

DIY Christmas Props

Megabooth’s DIY Christmas Props – What to do with your Crimbo props

If you’re looking for a way to add some festive fun to your photos or simply bring some cheer to your workplace or home a DIY Crimbo prop kit is the perfect stocking filler.

DIY Christmas Props | Prop Box

There are endless possibilities when it comes to do it yourself props and you won’t have to break the bank to do so. The season of mulled wine and Christmas pud is well under way and between now and the day of turkey stuffing, presents and awkward drunk uncles, there are kids’ classroom parties, neighborhood get-togethers, family gatherings and controversal (occasionally) work Christmas event(s). All of whom share one common interest at this time of the year… a jolly good time!

DIY Christmas Props | What to do

If you would love to see your director with a reindeer mask in front of their face or want to take a chance with that special someone by holding up mistletoe, you can still add a DIY Prop set to your Christmas photo booth booking with us – even if it has already been! You can take into the office and create your own DIY photo booth set up and then re-use them on Christmas Eve, then with all the grandparents on Christmas day and boxing day when the distant cousins arrive for the annual family get together.

DIY Christmas Pops | misteltoe

If you wanted to be really creative with your DIY kit we suggest creating a Christmas themed backdrop or small area at home or work where your colleagues and family can pose for pictures – no xmas bash is complete without a dedicated corner decked out with a festive background and a selection of your favourite Crimbo characters.

DIY Christmas props | What not to do

So say ‘Mince Pies!’ and snap your funniest moments with our Christmas photo booth kit filled with Christmas themed disguises and festive props… and send us your photos … whether it will be at your yuletide party or festive get-together.