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Depth of Field

Photography techniques: controlling Depth of Field – Event Ideas

Today we are going to talk about controlling Depth of Field – one of the most effective ‘easy on the eye’ techniques that any budding photographer would want to use when starting out.

As a general rule, DOF in photography is governed by three factors – the distance between the camera and the subject, focal length and aperture. (Source: Digital Photography for Beginners).

There are many ways to descrive this distinctive photography technique. We provide a detailed description that should put your mind at ease when tackling the technique for yourself. Bare with us…
Cameras are only able to achieve one point in a frame to focus on. In front and beyond this focus point, there will be an area that appears sharp. However, you can benefit from Depth of Field in any location or space. This is determined by the aperture being able to control the DoF. Discover how to work with the aperture on Manual Mode.

Examples of DoF

Managing the Depth of Field in all your pictures is one of the primary skills a photographer would have to master to obtain the image they desire.

To describe how to control the DoF area only, the lower the f-number, the more shallow the Depth of Field is going to be. The higher the f-number, the deeper the depth of field will be. For example, the picture below illustrates the shallow and deep DoF.

Example Depth of Field | Event Photography Ideas at Megabooth

As you can see in the example picture this is the impact Depth of Field has aesthetically on an image. When you can control the DoF, it can allow you to have a direct artistic approach to your photography.

Below is a selection of artistic images captured at events.

Depth of Field Portrait | Promotional Shots for Events

Depth of Field - Brand Experience and Product Photography

If you would like us to create a bespoke photo experience using a DoF Photography technique, please check out our live photography page and get in touch!

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