Customisable Open-Air Photo Booth

Increase guest involvement with a fully customisable open-air photo booth

Whether you have an exhibition, conference, product launch or private party, an open-air photo booth is the go-to photo-taking machine for 2016. Open-air photo booths can help maximise brand exposure thanks to innovative technology and fully customisable service.

Brand awareness, lead generation and communication are some of the key factors in engaging with the end-user and you can achieve this in a fun and interactive way by dressing up a photo pod and backdrop to fit your brand. Using a large exhibition as an example, an open-air photo pod is a great way to engage with visitors who on an average walk around in circles for 6-8hrs a day. Not only is an open-air photo pod an attractive addition to your stand, but it’s also the perfect icebreaker to begin engagement with the user. Taking a photo is only the beginning too, a Megabooth photo booth includes instant high quality branded prints, data capture and survey options and social media and email uploads, which you can benefit from adding preset text to include your social media handles and the event hashtag.


By allowing the user to share their photos online you are exposing your brand to a much wider audience – the power of social media plays a significant role to influence users to buy a product or service. Photos posted to Facebook generate 55% more likes than the average post and therefore means your social engagement has rippled through and you can begin building a brand community.

Generating print collateral is a mainstay feature for open-air photo booths and any other photo booth for that matter! Long are the days of sticking your passport photo on the fridge by your souvenir holiday magnet, Megabooth’s open-air photo booths offer a fully personalised service to brand the photos and include information about your product or service that you want to share with the user. A branded photo is simply an updated version of costly leaflets or flyers that normally end up in the back of a miscellaneous cupboard or the bin or the floor. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of photo branding and with additions such as cloud-based support, you can directly engage with visitors in real-time by directing them to a landing page on your company website and maximise leads.

If you want to see a range of Megabooth open-air photo booths all under one roof, be sure to book your appointment to meet the team at International Confex 2016 (March 2nd and 3rd) by completing the form below. We are exhibiting two brand new open-air photo pods, a branded design and an updated 3D floral booth.


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