Christmas Photography

Christmas Photography

The Social Picture: Exploring Photography – Christmas Edition

Last week The Social Picture launched the Christmas edition of their coveted Exploring Photography series.

To kick off the series, The Social Picture began by looking at techniques to capture the essence of the outdoors over the holiday season. From the occasional but truly breathtaking weather conditions and imaginative Christmas lights to a community festive spirit in the air, the features talks in detail about how the natural elements of the outdoors provide one of the most picturesque and enchanting sights through the lens. The chill of the winter breeze, snow and the sky provide a fascinating backdrop for photographers at Christmas, but that’s if you can find the ‘magic hour’ – to find out more and learn the settings for your camera, visit the article here.

In this week’s Exploring Photography Christmas feature, The Social Picture explored more intricate ways to immerse yourself into the festive season by embracing all kinds of photographic opportunities. Extreme close ups of lights and ornaments dominating the frame where the ‘subjects’, the people, populate the background to give dimension and suggest depth, avoid all your normal Christmastime clichés. There’s also a popular photography technique you can employ to take a subject out of the focus. To find out what that technique is and what settings you need on your camera to transform a Christmas album, view the article here.

Completing the Christmas edition of our Exploring Photography series next week is the many way to encapsulate family spirit over the festive season. Family portraits, relationships and the warmth of Christmas day can provide memories that last a lifetime.

If your Christmas Party is happening in the New Year, once the festivities have calmed and normality has been resumed, there are still opportunities to book a Christmas photographer with the option of instant printing throughout and a special offer of free Christmas props. View The Social Picture photographers here, alternatively you can contact them today with your enquiry.