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Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas

It’s approaching that time of year again. It’s time for us to conjure up some interesting Christmas photo shoot ideas to inspire you for the festive season.

1. Bokeh

What is Bokeh?


We’ve already covered this on our manual mode article. However, we will explain the meaning of bokeh again for our first-time readers. We will also explain how this technique can serve well as a Christmas photo shoot idea. Bokeh (or also known as Boke) is a word translated from the Japanese language meaning blur. The technique creates the soft out of focus part of usually the background of an image.

Bokeh is achieved by using a wide aperture in your camera settings. For example, we would recommend using the fastest lens you have which could be f2.8 or even below. We would also suggest that your subject is standing quite a distance from the background to allow the bokeh to be in full effect.

Bokeh Christmas Photo Shoot Example

Christmas Photo Shoot - Photo ideas for Christmas - Bokeh photography - Christmas portraits - Creative Photgraphy

Photo by Jay P. Morgan


With the inclusion of lights used in bokeh images, you can see above why this is a good technique for a Christmas photo shoot.


2. Baubles Reflection 


Looking for an idea out of the box? We have one for you! All it involves is a photographer, a small group of people and a large bauble. To get the best results you need to get a small group of people with the person at the front to hold the bauble just as you would with a phone for a selfie. Then remember to squueeeeezzee in. Finally, get your photographer to take a photo of the reflection of all of you in the bauble.

Baubles Photo Shoot Example


A great alternative way to achieve festive images for your Christmas photo shoot.


3. Fake Snow


First of all get your hands on some fake snow. Add a festive backdrop, our glitter room would do nicely ☺.  Then make sure the subject will blow the snow slowly in order for the photographer to take the photo in action!

Fake Snow Photo Shoot Example

Christmas Photo Shoot | Fake Snow | Creative Photography | Festive Photography

Photo by Britain Earl


Perhaps one of the most popular ideas when it comes to a festive Christmas Photo Shoot. Above is an example of photography with fake snow that photographer Britain Earl as captured.



Our festive ideas can create exceptional Christmas portraits. We can implement these photo techniques with our products to give you a very merry Megabooth Christmas.

If your looking for more ideas for your Christmas photo shoot check out this blog from Parent Map.

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