LADBible Launch Tyla with a Bathroom Selfie | Bullet Time Photo Booth

#2 Photo activation of the year: TYLA LAUNCH

#2 Photo activation of the year: TYLA LAUNCH

LADBible Launch Tyla with a Bathroom Selfie

We are spoilt for choice when searching for destinations vying for our attention with their Insta worthy backdrops. However, why would you snap delicious food or picturesque surroundings when you can head to a public toilet for a good ol’ chinwag and bathroom selfie.

Most of the popular eateries and drink holes in London have a proper toilet area. A multi-cubicled pleasure palace with sinks as far as the eye can see, a decent piss-trough and Dyson Airblade that rips your hands from your body. You could be in the lavish powder rooms at celeb haunt Annabel’s or enter space pods in Sketch’s artist conceived restaurant – the mirror is still your best friend. Unlike men’s public toilets. A dull windowless room with excrement on the walls, rusted soap dispensers and paper-thin bog roll that you find stuck to your shoe as you bowl over to all your mates. Undoubtedly, there’s not many selfies or gossip in there – it’s straight down to business.

Bullet Time for Tyla Launch - Bathroom Selfie

Bullet Time Photo Experience

A proper toilet doesn’t just pride itself on being technically flawless. It needs character. Tyla’s perfect representation of a public toilet will pop up at media offices in London this winter. This activation will allow visitors to pose for the ultimate bathroom selfie. Moreover, office employees can use their Bullet Time video to enter a competition where they could win a number of prizes. For example, winners will receive Apple Airpods, Craig David concert tickets, entry to the Mary Quant Exhibition and more.

The authentic public toilet set up came complete with sinks, a mirror, green foliage and neon Tyla sign. The multi-camera Bullet Time accompanied the toilet set up to capture fun matrix-style freeze motion videos. The Tyla brand ambassadors released confetti canyons at the optimum moment for the multi-camera array to capture participants in full bathroom mode – as you do in a bathroom?

Tyla Launch Multi Camera Array Bathroom Selfie

The LADbible Group launched Tyla, a brand speaking to 18 – 34-year-old women. Tyla covers all general toilet chat from entertainment to food, health, beauty and wellbeing. Like public toilets, Furthermore, Tyla is an opportunity for women to be their most honest, upfront and playful selves. Expect pep talks, compliments and sisters in arms just as you would expect at your favourite toilet hang out.

Is the Tyla bathroom a bespoke installation?

Yes, the Tyla bathroom is one of the bespoke installations that we created to Tyla’s specifications.

How many cameras is the Bullet Rig?

The bullet rig is available in both 5 and 9 camera rigs.

How long does the bullet rig take to set up?

We usually arrive 4-6 hours before to install the bullet rig in the venue.





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