British Gas Generation Green

British Gas Generation Green

Photo Installation Case Study – British Gas Generation Green

Generation Green is an education programme run by British Gas for school children, their teachers and families. The Generation Green Energy Performance competition took place in June and July at shopping centres across the UK and the installation challenged children to design an eco-school of their own, following a one-hour lesson about energy and sustainability. The top 4 entries were then selected from each of the qualifying regions to compete on a power-generated dance floor, judged by Diversity dance stars Jordan and Perri.

British Gas Dance Floor competition

British Gas Generation Green Competition

The photo installation we supplied was powered by the dance floor and the process worked by a group or individual creating enough power to charge the photo booth and then grab a British Gas Generation Green souvenir photo. Over the 4 weeks 1,200 pictures were taken and over double that in prints. Energy company Pavegen created the unique flooring technology that converts kinetic energy from movement and footsteps into renewable electricity.

British Gas Generation Green Photo Installation

The competition received over 500 entries and the winning schools in each of the 4 regions British and the prize fund varied across primary and secondary schools. The winning schools will be transformed with state-of-the-art energy-saving technology. The runners up received up to £25,000 worth of energy-saving technology as well as ongoing energy education support from British Gas.

British Gas Photo Experience

The main objective was to inform the next generation about how we can reduce our impact on the environment, whilst inspiring them to become future energy innovators.
British Gas believe they have a vital role to play in helping Britain’s communities revolutionise the way they consume and generate energy. That’s why, with Generation Green, they equip schools and the students with the information, tools and technology they need to make it easier for us all to cut carbon emissions and save money.

British Gas Generation Green Stand

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