Bad Santa GIF booth

Bad Santa 2 GIF Booth Experience

Bad Santa 2 GIF Booth experience at Vue Cinemas at Westfield Stratford and Westfield White City

Bad Santa 2 GIF booths at Vue Cinemas at Westfield Stratford and Westfield White City on November 26th-27th. Personalised specifically to promote the Bad Santa franchise, the interactive Boomerang GIF booth will allow visitors to share their Bad Santa moment on social media with the hashtag #ThisIsBS.

Christmas time, a time for giving, a time for families, and a time for laughter, light and heartwarming (Disney) movies. Well, not this year. Firstly we took our GIF booths nationwide for the launch of ‘Office Christmas Party’ – a film that emphasises the debauchery and tomfoolery at the office party of the year. Next up, the long-awaited sequel to Bad Santa starring Billy Bob Thornton. Fuelled by cheap whiskey, greed and hatred, Willie Soke ( Thornton) returns with his angry little sidekick, Marcus, to knock off a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve – now if that synopsis doesn’t get you into the festive spirit I don’t know what will! It’s not all doom and gloom this year though as this time around the duo have some mummy issues to deal with. The pair are joined by Willie’s horror story of a mother, Sunny Soke, who raises the bar for the gang’s ambitions, while somehow lowering the standards of criminal behaviour.

The main aim for Bad Santa and Office Christmas Party was to draw the attention of visitors to the movie by enhancing the customer experience at cinemas and ultimately gain momentum on social media for the movie itself. By developing a promotional campaign that has a GIF booth at the heart of the social media marketing plan is a simple and effective way to engage and interact with an audience. The Bad Santa 2 GIF booths will be complete with the movie poster backdrop, Crimbo themed props and a personalised Bad Santa email message – ‘Merry F*/cking Christmas’ – not our words..

Our favourite ‘Office Christmas Party‘ GIFs from Manchester, Newcastle and London.


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