Audi UK Competition T&Cs - Megabooth

Terms & Conditions

1. The promoter of this promotion (the “Promotion”) is Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited (trading as Audi UK) of Yeomans Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes MK14 5AN (the “Promoter”) and the prize associated with this Promotion the use of an Audi e-tron (the “Vehicle”) between the dates of Friday 9 August and Monday 2 December 2019 (the “Usage Period”) (the “Prize”).


– The winner will receive a loan of an Audi e-tron for a long weekend (Friday to Monday inclusive), insured by Volkswagen Group during the loan period. No optional extras or accessories included unless stated.


– The winner is to provide Volkswagen Group or its agent with a scan of his or her driving licence with a PDF of the licence check that can be obtained from:


– The e-tron, subject to availability, can be delivered to and collected from a UK mainland address on Monday to Friday between 1100hrs and 1500hrs, excluding weekends and bank holidays.


– Charging of the e-tron will be the responsibility of the winner during the four-day loan period and the e-tron is to be returned to Volkswagen or its agent with a minimum of 50% charge on collection.



2. Entry into this Promotion signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions, Audi Privacy Statement (which can be found at statements, API terms of use (  of the Promoter, and Instagram and (the “Terms and Conditions”).



3. In order to enter this Promotion, entrants must post an image of themselves with the Audi e-tron installation at Henley Festival on their non-private Instagram as a permanent grid post using #etronExperience and @AudiUK from Wednesday 10 July 2019 at 1530hrs to Tuesday 16 July 2019 at 2359hrs local time in the UK (the “Close of the Promotion”).



4. Entrants without a public Instagram account will need to create one in order to participate. Instagram accounts are free to create at . No entries submitted via any other means will be accepted. Entrants confirm that their Instagram accounts do not contain material that is (a) obscene, defamatory, offensive, embarrassing, violent, harassing, threatening, false, illegal or misleading; (b) may cause alarm, upset or distress; or (c) is otherwise unlawful. Internet access is required.



5. By submitting an entry:


a. entrants grant the Promoter:


i. permission for their entry post to the Promotion and any images, videos or other content contained within such post (the “Entry Post”) to be published on the Promoter’s website and social media channels, and grant the Promoter a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual licence (with a right to sub-license) to use, re-publish, edit and/or modify the Entry Post in any/all media (including in electronic format, hard copy and in the Promoter’s publications) for purposes connected with the Promotion and as described in these Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, 8.4 The entrant waives any moral rights in the Entry Post to which the entrant is now or may at any future time be entitled under Chapter IV of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 or any similar provisions of law in any jurisdiction, including (but without limitation) the right to be identified, the right of integrity and the right against false attribution, and agrees not to institute, support, maintain or permit any action or claim to the effect that any treatment, exploitation or use of such Entry Post or other materials infringes the entrant’s moral rights. Notwithstanding this, the entrant shall retain ownership of their Entry Post; and


ii. the right to use their name (as featured on the social media platform on which their entry is posted) for the sole purpose of identifying the entrant as the author of the Entry Post.


b. entrants warrant that:


i. they have the permission to refer to and/or feature any third parties contained or referred to in the Entry Post and such third parties agree that the Entry Post may be used by the Promoter in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;


ii. their Entry Post is their own work and does not contain content that: (a) is an infringement of any third party intellectual property or contains any third party material/content that the entrant does not have (i) permission to use in the Entry Post and (ii) authority on behalf of the relevant third party to grant the to the Promoter all of the rights required by the Promoter as set out in these Terms and Conditions; (b) contains any trademarks; (c) is private or confidential; (d) shows, encourages or condones inappropriate or dangerous behaviour; (e) is obscene, defamatory, distasteful, offensive, embarrassing, violent, harassing, threatening, false, illegal or misleading; (f) is in breach of any confidentiality obligations owed by the entrant to third parties; (f) may cause alarm, upset or distress; or (g) is otherwise unlawful.



6. The Promotion is only open to residents in the UK [including Channel Islands and Isle of Man] aged [25] by or over by 16 July 2019, who hold a valid driving licence with fewer than 6 ‘penalty points’ on their driving record, excluding (i) employees of the Promoter and their families, agents or contractors (ii) Volkswagen group brand retailers and (iii) any other person whom, in the Promoter’s reasonable opinion, should be excluded due to their involvement or connection with the Promoter or this Promotion.



7. Entries that are not made in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will not be accepted. Furthermore, the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any entrant(s) that it believes not to be participating within the spirit of the Promotion or suspects of participating in any unfair or unjust behaviour. The Promoter reserves the right to use its discretion in all respects and to enforce any penalty or sanction it deems appropriate.



8. The winner of the Promotion (the “Winner”) will be selected by an independent party who will judge the Entry Posts based on a variety of criteria, including creativity, originality, quality and feasibility. Prior to being passed to the independent party, the entries will be filtered down on the same criteria by the Promoter or their agents to five shortlisted entries. The Winner will be announced within two weeks of the Close of the Promotion and no later than 30 July 2019.



9. The Winner will be notified by the Promoter or their agent via email within two weeks of the Close of the Promotion. If the Winner does not respond to the Promoter or their agent within 48 hours of being notified of their win, the Prize shall be forfeited and another Winner will be selected from the five shortlisted entries referred to in clause 8 above. A Winner will be selected in accordance with this clause 9 until such time as the Prize is claimed.



10. The Winner shall, in order to claim the Prize, be required to:


a. enter into terms and conditions for use of the Vehicle and obligations of the Winner (the “Terms of Use”), which shall be provided to the Winner by either the Promoter or its agent;


b. provide their photographic proof of identity, proof of age, proof of residency, driving licence, driving record and/or any other documentation reasonably required by the Promoter or their agent to ensure the entrant’s compliance with clause 6 (the “Documentation”) upon request and in the form and method as prescribed at the time by the Promoter or its agent;


c. complete a DVLA form and fan agreement; and


d. only drive the car on the UK mainland, and not take the car abroard; and


e.  be available to take delivery of the car within a two-hour time slot at their chosen address, on UK mainland; and




f. ensure the Audi e-tron has 50% charge on return.



Failure to comply with this clause 10 shall result in the Prize being forfeited and, in these circumstances, another Winner will be selected in accordance with clauses 9 and 10.



Furthermore, the Winner shall need to undertake an extended test drive on delivery of the Vehicle. In the event that in the opinion of the Promoter or its agent the Winner does not or will not be likely to adhere to the terms of clause 12, the Winner will be unable to redeem the Prize and use the Vehicle and the Prize shall be forfeited. In these circumstances, another Winner will be selected in accordance with clauses 9 and 10.



11. Subject to the above, the Winner will, subject to availability, be provided with the Vehicle by the Promoter or its agent for the Usage Period only, following which the Vehicle shall be immediately returned to the Promoter or its agent as set out in the Terms of Use (as defined below). The Winer shall, once provided with the Vehicle, ensure that it is kept safe, secure and in the same condition as it was received, and shall operate it responsibly, lawfully and with all due care and skill. The Winner shall not do anything to void or otherwise adversely affect any insurance policy in relation to the Vehicle (including but not limited to allowing any other person to operate the Vehicle). The Winner warrants that it is and will at all material times be qualified and competent (and holds all necessary licences) to operate the Vehicle. Entrants must pay all other costs associated with the Prize that are not specifically included in the Prize (including but not limited to accommodation, travel to, from and food and drink associated collecting and or using the Vehicle and adhering to the Winner’s other obligations hereunder).



12. The Winner shall ensure that the Vehicle is available for pick-up at the times and locations set out in the Information Sheet, or as otherwise specified by the Promoter. If the Winner fails to make the Vehicle available for pick-up in accordance with this clause 12, the Promoter (or their representatives) may enter any property of the Winner or any third party where the Vehicle is stored in order to recover it.



13. The Winner agrees to indemnify the Promoter from and against all losses, liabilities, costs, charges, expenses, actions, proceedings, claims and damages which the Promoter may incur or suffer as a consequence of any breach by the Winner of any of their obligations, commitments, warranties or undertakings under these Terms and Conditions and the Terms of Use.



14. This Promotion is free to enter and no purchase is necessary to enter.



15. Entrants are limited to one entry per person. Entries must be made personally and entries made through agents/third parties, organised groups, automatically generated by a computer or any entry duplication method are invalid and will not be accepted. No multiple entries from a single IP address will be valid. Entrants are responsible for the cost (if any) of sending their entry.



16. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for entries that are lost, damaged, incomplete, illegible, delayed or rendered invalid due to incorrect entrant data, lack of network coverage, system, software or hardware failure or are not received for any reason whatsoever; such entries will be void.



17. Proof of posting an entry is not proof of receipt of such entry by the Promoter and the Promoter does not accept any responsibility for the non-receipt, incomplete receipt or the late receipt of a post due to any reasons or for any associated costs to entrants. The Promoter cannot guarantee uninterrupted or secure access to entry route and the Promoter accepts no responsibility for any technical issues encountered during entry into the Promotion.



18. The Promoter shall use and take care of any personal information entrants supply to it as described in its privacy policy, and in accordance with data protection legislation. By entering the Promotion, entrants agree to the collection, retention, usage and distribution of their personal information in order to process and contact them about the Promotion, and for the purposes outlined in these Terms and Conditions. Entrants also consent to their names and towns of residence being published and communicated to those requesting such information in accordance with point 20 above. The Promoter may also pass entrant’s details to third parties and/or otherwise engage third party providers in connection with this Promotion where the third party is acting on the Promoter’s behalf for the purposes of administering this Promotion and/or any subsequent publicity, and/or for the purposes of sending you the Promoter’s marketing materials; and/or as otherwise required by law. Entrants reserve the right to withdraw their consent to this clause 19 at any time by writing to the Promoter at the address contained in point 20. Notwithstanding this, withdrawal of consent will invalidate any entry made.



19. Entrants have a right to request a copy of information which the Promoter holds about them. To do so, please write to the VWG Legal Team, Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited, Yeomans Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, MK14 5AN. Individuals will need to complete and send a fully completed Data Protection Subject Access Request, enclose the relevant ID and a cheque in the sum of £10 made payable to “Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited”.



20. The Prize carries no cash value, is non-transferable and may not be substituted by the Winner. The Promoter reserves its right to substitute the prize with a prize of equal or greater value for the Prize. The entrant must pay all other costs associated with the Prize which is not specifically included in the Prize. There is no cash alternative. The Prize can only be used on the dates set out in clause 1.



21. The decision of the Promoter shall be final. No correspondence or negotiation will be entered into by the Promoter.



22. The Promoter excludes liability, to the fullest extent permitted by law for any loss or damage arising from or in connection with the Promotion or with the acceptance or possession of the Prize. The Promoter further disclaims liability for any injury or damage to the entrant or any other person relating to or resulting from participation in or downloading any materials in connection with the Promotion. The Promoter will not be liable for failure or delay in delivery or performance of their obligations under these Terms and Conditions in the event of any unforeseen cause beyond its control. Such circumstances shall include, but not be limited to, weather conditions, fire, flood, hurricane, strike, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, inevitable accidents, supervening legislation or any other circumstances amounting to force majeure. The Promoter is not responsible for any third party acts or omissions.



23. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend this Promotion and these Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice. Amends will be posted on the Audi UK Instagram Page.



24. The Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram. Instagram is not responsible to entrants in respect of any aspect of this Promotion. By entering this Promotion, entrants hereby agree to release Instagram from any and all liability whatsoever (except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law).



25. These rules and any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. The Promoter and each entrant irrevocably agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales over any claim or matter arising under or in connection with these rules or the legal relationships established by this agreement.

Thank you for taking part in the #etronExperience – here is your picture
For your chance to win an Audi e-tron for a long weekend, simply post this image to your Instagram using #etronExperience and @AudiUK
The ‘Best Dressed’ winner will be contacted by email on Monday 22 July
For more information on the Audi e-tron or to arrange a test drive, please get in touch with


Thank you for taking part in the #etronExperience – here is your picture
For your chance to win an Audi e-tron for a long weekend, simply post this image to your Instagram using #etronExperience and @AudiUK
The ‘Best Dressed’ winner will be contacted by email on Monday 22 July
For more information on the Audi e-tron or to arrange a test drive, please get in touch with