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Arabian Tents

Arabian Tents

Picking the right photo booth for your wedding marquee courtesy of Arabian Tents

Arabian Tents is a luxury marquee hire company and event planners that take pride in creating magical environments for those extra special occasions. Arabian Tents have noticed the rise in popularity of photo booths in their tents and that begged the question for us – picking the right photo booth for your themed wedding marquee.

Viva La Fiesta – Multi Coloured Floral Photo Pod

The Viva La Fiesta is a bold, Mexican style tent that has been inspired by Day of the Dead festival and Frida Kahlo’s self portraits. The tent design is a collaboration between Arabian Tents director Katherine Hudson and Jewellery Designer Rosita Bonita, whose signature style is drawn from the bold colours, distinct motifs and cultural themes of Mexico.

Viva La Fiesta - flower - Arabian Tents

Our festival themed Photo Pod compliments the tent’s brightly coloured floral motif for the ceiling swags and wall drapes. Viva La Fiesta offers a multi sensory immersive experience and our 3D Floral Photo Pod will effortlessly into the surroundings. It’s the perfect choice if you are looking to create a fresh, funky look for a wedding or a summer party.

Cornish Dream and William Morris – White Floral Photo Booth

Cornish Dream

The Cornish Cream tent is the most popular wedding marquee in the collection. The design of the Arabian tent was co-created by Katherine and a bride with a vision for a sublime juxtaposition of Western and Eastern styles.

The stunning 3D White Floral Photo Booth compliments the delicately block printed cream lining inside and keeps in theme with the tent’s subtle fairy tale interior.

William Morris

Does exactly what it says on the tin. The marquee is a celebration of English textile designer, poet and novelist William Morris – and inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement that proceeded him in the 1930s.

The tent’s ivory and sage green screen-printed interior drew inspiration from Morris’ beautiful floral patterns, creating an English Country Garden feel, perfect for unique white floral photo experience. The tent offers a selection of beautiful pieces of furniture to complete the look, making it the quintessential choice for weddings and summer garden parties.

Oyster Pearl – White Taxi Photo Booth

The Oyster Pearl is the newest addition to Arabian Tents Pole Tent collection – and a Megabooth team favourite. The tent’s beautiful 1m veranda around the perimeter elevates it’s simplistic rustic charm. The flat white interior provides a blank canvas for a bride and groom to add their own tastes and style to the interior of the tent.

oyster - white taxi | Arabian tents

The Oyster Pearl’s aesthetic is constantly evolving thanks to the decor and draping team at Arabian Tents and although the tent is versatile in its appearance, the photo booth of choice is our traditional white taxi. classic, iconic and quintessentially British, the white taxi is a staple wedding photo booth that adapts to any surroundings. It would make an eye catching addition to the Oyster Pearl.

Bombay Boudoir and Arabian – Hippie Van

When Elizabeth Hurley got married in India, Bollywood-mania swept the UK. Inspired by India’s colourful culture, The Bombay Boudoir is an explosion of vibrant pinks and burnt orange linings with intricate sparkling mirror work. The tent’s array of colour creates a warm playful exterior that will transform any party into a Bombay dream. The tent’s eccentric appearance has been designed to whip guests into a frenzy of ecstatic dancing and jubilation much like the weird and wonderful world of our Hippie Van Photo Booth.


The beautifully bohemian Arabian Tent features a bold and exotic red interior that evokes the warmth of the Arabian Desert. The tent is adorned with glittering mirrors creating a giant mirror ball effect that covers the surroundings of the tent.
After entering a new dimension inside the tent, once you step outside you may fall into another if you go with our photo booth pick for the Arabian. The Hippie Van’s Alice in Wonderland themed interior fits the Marquee’s through the looking glass appearance.





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