Animated GIF Overlays

Stimulate Brand Engagement with Animated GIF Overlays

Animated GIF Overlays are available to hire with our custom GIF Software designed. We also offer the functionality with our Photo Pod, Taxi Photo Booths and Car Photo Booths.

Sometimes a GIF alone isn’t enough; sometimes it’s needs something visually appealing for it to pop out of the frame and grab your attention.

Animated GIFs refer to an overlay or frame that animates within a sequence of images.  If GIFs are the foundations of a healthy social media diet, the animated overlay is the super greens smoothie. Animated GIFs thrive on a social media stage and to reach a viral status a #hashtag needs to maximise exposure and engagement between users.

Branded Animated Overlays






How does it work?

An animated GIF overlay is a confined graphic that changes its visual appearance as a result of cycling through the frames. For example, an animated GIF overlay of geometric patterns going through your photo will add another dimension to your image.
The user can view animated GIF overlays in real time with a physical background or with a green screen to increase the effect of motion in the GIF.

Our standard boomerang GIF Booth offers a single, non-animated overlay that goes along with your GIF. They are a simple way of communicating with one another. If you want to jump on the visual bandwagon by adding pop culture references to your photo the latest feature in our photo booth software is a good place to start.

It can be a daunting prospect when deliberating on creative content that communicates your brand campaign or special wedding message. An animated GIF overlay is like a luxury condiment, it’s not on the ingredients list or on the recipe method but once added it will elevate your image.

Your GIF overlay concepts are only limited by your own imagination…similar to my reference to food in this post. I’m hungry.

Photo Booth Hire options with Animated GIF options;
GIF Booth
Photo Pod
Vintage Photo Booth
Car Photo Booths
Taxi Photo Booths


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