Eden Fine Art Bullet Rig

Alec Monopoly

Bullet Time: Alec Monopoly Collection at The Eden Fine Art Gallery

Street artist Alec Monopoly has built up quite a reputation amongst the rich and famous. He draws inspiration from the iconic Rich “Uncle”  Pennybags, a symbolic figure from everyone’s favourite board game, Monopoly.  The artist uses the game’s suited mascot, to deliver his critique of capitalist greed. His work shot to fame during the global recession, where billion-dollar bailouts and deregulation associated with banks dominated the media.

While his true identity remains a mystery, chances are if you live in Los Angeles, New York, Miami or London, you’ve probably stumbled across his street murals that subversively depict popular culture today.

Bullet Time Photo Experience for Alec Monopoly

Alec Monopoly is in constant flux, religiously creating, inventing and experimenting with new materials, images and concepts. His latest collection dubbed the $$ Breaking The Bank On Bond Street $$, at the Eden Fine Art Gallery explores celebrity and wealth in the contemporary moment. Experiential agency We Are Alexander commissioned us to create a photo experience to keep in tune with the wealth and riches narrative running throughout the collection.

The Bullet Time experience captured gravity-defying photography shots where time and motion freezes – or hundreds of dollar bills for Alec Monopoly’s launch at the Eden Gallery. Fake of course.

The Los Angeles-based work has featured in The Wall Street Journey, New York Post, and Rolling Stones. Buyers include a plethora of A-listers from Robert De Niro and Benicia del Tora to Seth Rogan and Bruno Mars.

The Eden Fine Art Gallery founded by Cathia Klimovsky promotes a consistent artist direction by curating a contemporary expression. The gallery constantly conveys an optimistic and colourful view of life.

Our Bullet Time rig recently featured at the plush Curtain Hotel in East London, celebrating the hotel’s 1st birthday in style. They positioned the Bullet Rig in a cozy corner next to the venue’s gorgeous cocktail bar on the basement floor.

Recently we have used the Bullet Time at similar brand activations such as the Reserved x Vogue event. The collaboration offered a fresh take on a season-style chosen by the Editors of British Vogue and brought to life by the design talent at Reserved.




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