Add a video to your booking

Add a video to your booking

We can now make beautiful videos…

The increased demand for a contemporary wedding video has led us to start working on gorgeous short films to capture fairytale stories for the bride and groom and their families. However, for a traditional wedding video, shot and edited to make an unforgettable cinematic experience, there’s normally a hefty price tag to folk out for.

As an alternative we are now proposing the idea to say goodbye to long drawn out videos by creating simple artistic movies from the photos snapped by one of our special weddings booths. We bring the photos to life in a short video chronicling the day from start to finish.

The atmosphere will remain relaxed throughout the night for the families’ nearest and dearest, avoiding the need for a heavy-duty microphone hanging above them or a videographer pressuring guests into saying a few nice words about the bride and groom.

Watch our example video below – HD quality is available too.

What you get

You can almost guarantee our videos will include all the guests attending because who can resist a photo booth? And we can almost certainly cut out awkward dancing or an over the top intoxicated uncle. Photos in the back of our stunning white wedding taxi or our sleek indoor pods, all equip with custom wedding props is the perfect way to treasure those memories and now with the addition of a video you can also cherish the day forever.

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