The latest bit of kit – a photo booth in your pocket

How it works

The photo booth in your pocket technology is simple really, set up a hashtag and tell your guests to use it when they upload photos on their smart phones to Instagram and Twitter. The latest photo booth technology will allow you to crowdsource your event photos by monitoring Instagram and Twitter for photos (and videos) matching that all-important hashtag.Photo booth in your pocket

From there, your image will download to our designated kiosk stand, where you can print and upload to Facebook or FTP with your own personal template and branding.
In the rare event that one of your friends refuse to accept social media in their life, have no fear, you can get a SmugMug account, which allows users to email their photos directly to the software.

The latest crowdsource technology can create Instagram Flip Books from videos, support-roaming photographers and offer display advertising with images and videos.

We know the one detail from the above list that has perked your ears up is the Flip Book technology; Instagram allows users to upload 15-second videos and the software can download this just like photos. The videos will be displayed in the slideshow along with everyone’s photos and will play inline. If that technology has almost made you fall off your seat, the next bit is sure to make you hit the floor. Once the video has uploaded you can print it as a still or as a frame-by-frame animated flipbook.

How the print looks

The print can come out in the standard 4”x6” or 8.5”x11” printer with a business card cutter – so once one of our staff members cut and staple your pictures, voila! The Instagram flipbook is made.

And one more thing, between images the software allows you to add interstitial ads to your slideshows that appear at timed intervals, making it a perfect way to promote your event with commercial advertising.

What’s next?

The photo booth in your pocket technology is in its early stages of development and we’re looking to give it a trial run at a reduced rate. If this is something that could work at your event (and you know there is a Wifi connection at the venue) contact us today.