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75th annual Golden Globes

75th annual Golden Globes

75th annual Golden Globes portraits by Romana Rosales

The 75th annual Golden Globes was an opportunity for the Hollywood elite to come together and ultimately save their reputation. Hollywood has been shrouded in controversy over the sexual allegations against prominent and powerful men within the industry that shocked the entertainment world.

The ceremony celebrated female roles and female stories and inspired speeches by powerful women including Oprah Winfrey set the agenda on change.

In the midst of the drama surrounding the 75th annual Golden Globes, Romana Rosales was set the task to capture the stars backstage in the Instagram Official Portrait Studio.

75th annual Golden Globes-ramona-rosales-30

Romana is no stranger to capturing the feminine and strong and her portfolio includes Sarah Silverman, Tiny Fey, Halsey and Maya Rudolph. Bebe Rexha described Rosales’ style as poppy, light and energetic and we can see why.  Rosales describes her poppy, colourful and playful style,“it comes from a place of happier sub-reality, even more so in the time we currently live in”.
Most the photographer’s projects are portrait-based and play with still life and colour fetish. “These two worlds are very different, but I approach my work with humour and vivid hues to majority of my work”.

75th annual Golden Globes Portraits - Oprah Winfrey | Photography by Romana Rosales

75th annual Golden Globes Portraits - Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke | Photography by Romana Rosales

Romana’s style approach to the 75th annual  Golden Globes was cosy, glamorous, controlled chaos. We loved the minimalistic style that stripped down the excitement to create a surreal environment for the Hollywood elite. For Instagram’s Official Portrait Studio Rosales experimented with various lights and in-camera effects to exaggerate the environment around the subject. The subject ultimately takes centre stage in a non traditional way to captures true moments.

75th annual Golden Globes Portraits - Gary Oldman | Photography by Romana Rosales

75th annual Golden Globes Portraits - Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Chasten by Romana Rosales

“The #MeToo movement makes all voices heat. Inclusion and change are what I believe will be the common threat for the activists and supporters in the crowd. I hope to translate that through the images”

75th annual Golden Globes Portraits - James and Dave Franco by Romana Rosales

75th annual Golden Globes Portraits - Soarise Ronan | Photography by Romana Rosales

Golden Globes Slow Motion Portraits

The slow motion portraits are a sequence of short clips where the subjects remain still, gazing into the lens.  The camera, lights and atmosphere create small changes that transform a still image into a moving one. View the simple but elegant moving portraits on the Golden Globes Instagram page.

Romana Rosales is a native of Los Angeles, received a B.F.A from Art Centre College of Design. Poppy, Punchy, glossy, no matter how you describe it, her candid, offbeat portraits of celebrities is in demand. Strong colours and shadows, and lots of highlights that grab reader’s attention. Some of our favourites from her portfolio include Halsey on Playboy and Chance the Rapper for Billboard magazine

Chance the rapper by Romana Rosales

Romana Rosales of photos Chance the Rapper

By using a variety of sources, ranging from a single off-camera flash to a strong frontal light and two other lights arranged to maximise colour saturation helps keep shadows crisp and flatter faces. “It’s the secondary light that fills in all those hard edges and enhances the creaminess of the skin”. The resulting imagery is a happy medium between poppy and hard light.

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