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7 Ways to Find Funding For Your Special Event

7 Ways to Find Funding For Your Special Event  by Naomi Shaw

It’s no secret that when hosting a celebration, charity event, or throwing a wedding, money can be a significant source of stress. Whether you are an organisation or an engaged couple, finding adequate funding for your special event can be problematic. Planning a special event can be difficult on its own, but even more so when you have to worry about funding. While it’s easy to solely focus on the costs and how you can’t afford something, flip this thought process and look for ways to achieve your goals. Thankfully, we have done a little research and found 7 ways to find funding for your special event so you can focus on what truly matters: all the details and planning.

Please scroll through the following list of funding ideas to ensure your event goes off without a hitch:

Host a fundraiser

You can raise money a variety of ways for any event. Consider holding a color run, awareness walk, spaghetti feed, auction, or sell items for a portion of the profits. Also, look at Crowdfunding or Go Fund Me accounts for a viable funding solution. For example, you could turn to crowdfunding to pay for a photo booth for your friend’s birthday party, wedding, hen and stag nights, or school functions. This way, everyone can chip in, have lots of laughs, and document the fun for years to come.

Wedding Photo Booth | 7 Ways to Find Funding For Your Special Event

Advertise for Volunteers

Time is valuable and holding a special event takes many hours and specialised skills. Instead of hiring servers, greeters, deejays, photographers, or caterers, consider asking for volunteers who will donate their talents and time. You might be surprised at the number of people willing to help out your cause!

Seek sponsors or donations

A great way to find funding for a special event is to ask businesses, corporations, or group members for donations or apply for grants. Make it a point to visit in person and ask the company if they would be able to help sponsor your event. Often, businesses have a set amount of their budgets for items or amounts of money to donate to the community. For instance, a fast food restaurant might donate drinks, the deli might offer sandwiches, the bank might give napkins, local businesses might provide gift certificates for a raffle, and so on. All of these contributions add up and relieve some of the financial stress associated with funding your special event. Just remember to acknowledge their gifts with a thank you note and display a list of sponsors at your event so they can get a little free advertising.

Do it yourself!

One way to find funding for your special event is to cut back on the budget by doing things yourself. Take out the middleman and make your flower bouquets or centerpieces, set up your tables and chairs, bake your food, and decorate yourself. These actions can save you a lot of money and free up funds to apply towards your other needs.

Sell advertising

One viable option for finding funding is to sell advertising at your event. You can sell blocks of space on programs, t-shirts, table settings, segments during a presentation slideshow, swag bags, gifts, and more. Get creative and have fun with it to drum up some good PR for your event and the businesses.

Charge admission or ask for free-will donations.

Many special events, whether it is a fundraiser or celebration, ask patrons to purchase tickets or pay for their meal. They ensure that you have enough money to cover your costs. If you don’t feel right charging admission, ask for donations at the door.

Crowdfunding - 7 Ways to Find Funding For Your Special Event

Look into credit lines or loans

If all else fails, consider seeking a loan and borrow what you need. A loan can ease the pressure and give you enough funds to carry your special event. It can allow you to focus on all the details instead of running around seeking outside funding. Do a little research and compare possible loans to make the best choice for your situation. If needed, seek help from a financial planner or institution before signing on the dotted line.

What methods do you use to find funding for your special event?





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