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7 Tips For Effective Photo Branding

7 Tips For Effective Photo Branding

Generic branding for a photo experience is the combination of a logo and a border. As straightforward as this combination sounds, there is an art to creating photo branding. For example, when there is a corporate event, branding can give a considerable impact on how the company is viewed both internally and externally. 


With so many branding styles available, the choice for branding can be overwhelming. For example, for different types of events, different brandings are needed. In this article, we give our insight into creating branding for every kind of event.  


Keep photo branding simple


With this first tip, it’s easy to see why we recommend keeping things minimal and simplistic. Just look at brands like Nike, Apple and Mastercard. They position their logos to be clean without too much detail. They do this by having just a distinctive shape and minimal colours. Nonetheless, they still need to catch the attention of their audience. The same rules apply for branding. Avoid too much clutter in the branding, and keep the logo clear to make it stand out to whoever reviews the photo. There’s an art to creating a minimalistic branding.


Lamborghini Event Branding



Event hashtags


Many events nowadays are sporting a hashtag to increase social media awareness. Feel free to include your event hashtag on your photo branding to add further encouragement for your guests to share. 



Event Hashtags


Get creative


The branding template of a one-picture layout is usually very central. However, the picture below shows you how brands can get creative and change the norm. The Guardian used one picture layout to create a magazine cover. This idea is the perfect example of how to reflect brand identity. 


Magazine Cover Photo Branding | The Guardian



Choose a font to match the event


When deciding on which font you want to choose, keep in mind the theme of the event. For example, view the picture below. This event was a party with the phrase ‘jungle is massive’. The slogan is created as a handwritten phrase, which portrays an informal, fun-loving look, and maximizes the brand’s ability to customise the photo branding.


In contrast to the ‘jungle is massive’ photo branding, people can opt-in for a font that is more clear and concise. The branding below shows how you can include the event hashtag and event name clearly by using a text that is easy and clear to read. 


Photo Branding Font | Jungle is Massive

Use colours to match the brand


You can use colours as an essential tool in portraying the brand message. For example, red shows a message of passion and energy, attracting a young, hungry audience. On the other hand, blue can be used to portray a collaborative brand that is friendly to everyone. We’ve included examples of colours used in photo branding below. 





Landscape or portrait?


We always give our clients a choice between landscape or portrait photo branding. What looks best depends on your event, and what backdrop you’re using. For instance, if you choose one of our standard backdrops, we recommend using portrait to allow a full-body shot while fitting in the whole backdrop. If you hire one of our premium wall backdrops, we would recommend using a landscape branding to maximise a background design.


Landscape Photo Branding 


GIF or boomerang photo branding


For GIF or Boomerang branding, we advise adding a strip or a logo at the bottom of the branding. Having the logo at the bottom of the image would allow the audience to focus on the GIF while having the logo embedded within the image. 



Wedding and private party photo branding


For wedding and private party branding, we recommend something minimalistic in a smart font. We’ve included a couple of examples below indicating how clients typically choose for wedding and private party branding. 


Wedding Photo Branding




To summarise, our advice for photo branding would capture the feel of the event using fonts, logos, and colours. For example, the event for Tasty in 2018 symbolises this. We are excited to see what great photo brandings are to come our way.






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