7 Ideas For A Barking Good Time - Article by Naomi Shaw

7 Ideas For A Barking Good Time

7 Ideas For A Barking Good Time

7 Ideas For A Barking Good Time – Article by Naomi Shaw

It’s no secret that our dogs hold a special place in our homes and hearts. Often we view our four legged friends as members of our families and we treat them with the same respect we would a loved one. They are loyally there every morning when we wake and greet us enthusiastically when we get home. However, our pups sometimes get overlooked when life gets busy and chaotic. One way we can avoid this problem is to celebrate our dog’s birthday and completely spoil them one day out of the year.

7 Ideas For A Barking Good Time

Today, taking time to celebrate a dog’s birthday is relatively common. Whether we actually know the day of their birth or we celebrate their “gotcha” day, it is estimated that around 65 percent of us acknowledge Fido’s birthday in some form. Afterall, they age about an equivalent of around seven years to one of ours depending on if they are large or small breeds. While our furbabies don’t keep track of their special days, they do enjoy the gifts, treats, and extra activities that accompany the festivities.

Listed below are seven fun ways to celebrate our dog’s birthday:

Treat our four legged pal to a day out doing his favourite activities. Hit the dog park, take a walk on his favourite trail, go play fetch at the beach, or let him swim in the local pond. We don’t have to spend a lot of money or go to great lengths to make our pooches happy, they are happy just spending extra time with us.

Take him for a car ride through the drive thru. We know that human food is bad for our pooches, but many banks and restaurants keep a stash of pet friendly treats on hand for the lucky dogs who come riding by with their humans to make a deposit or grab a quick meal. What dog wouldn’t enjoy riding with the windows down and getting to savor a treat on his special day?

Pamper him with a doggie spa day. Not all dogs enjoy a warm bath and blow out, but many do. Run him a bath or visit the groomer to help him feel and look special on his day.

Upgrade his bedding or purchase him a new place to nap. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook this chore gets and his bedding can forgotten during day to day living. Using a similar concept to changing the batteries in our smoke detectors, use his birthday as a reminder to replace his bedding. He might not be able to tell you with words, but he will appreciate having a place of his own to lie down and rest. He will be dreaming about chasing rabbits in no time.

Snap a photo of the family together, with the dog front and center. Many shelters or photographers offer pet friendly photo sessions geared to including everyone in our families. Consider using outdoor settings, photo booths, props, or seasonal features to turn his moment into a memory that will last a lifetime. Have fun and celebrate the family!

Let him shop for his present. Many pet stores allow leashed pets to visit inside the store with their owners. Take advantage of this privilege and let our pups enjoy shopping for their own gifts. It will take the guess work out of us choosing from all of the rows of treats and toys available while allowing him to take in the sights and socializing with new friends.

Whip up a doggie birthday cake for a special treat. Find a recipe geared towards our dog’s palettes or purchase a ready made cake from a store. Many stores also carry dog friendly ice cream or frozen snacks in their cold aisle sections. Allowing him to indulge one day a year won’t hurt his diet and can give us the satisfaction of spoiling him.

What special activities do you have planned to celebrate your dog’s birthday this year?