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5 Amazing Summer Photography Ideas

5 Amazing Summer Photography Ideas

Summer has arrived! Many photography enthusiasts will probably feel that summer is the best time to go out and shoot. Given that summer is the season where we see long days and the most daylight, a lot of photographers are mindful of the difficulties that summer photography can bring. However, the following 5 tips will show you how to succeed when taking summer photographs.


Consider a polarizing filter


We recommend purchasing a polarizing filter for summer photography. Polarizing filters provide an in-camera contrast and an increased saturation effect to your photos. Additionally, a polarizer will control any harsh reflections you will receive from the sunlight. For example, if you are shooting on a shiny surface, you can change the direction in which the reflection is facing. However, if you are shooting in a low light situation, like a cave, we recommend the polarizer to be removed, as keeping it on will allow less light to enter the lens.

Polarising filters explained by ephotozine

Look for shade when shooting summer photography portraits


Let’s say you’re outside taking portraits on a beautiful summer location. We would recommend taking pictures of the subject in the shade. We suggest this to ensure a flattering, soft light on your portrait model. Taking photos without shade will attract very harsh lighting and shadows to your subject, which will lead to unsatisfactory results. If there is no shade around you in the location, we suggest holding something over the subject’s head to avoid any nasty shadows.


Catch the sunrise and sunset


Extended long and bright days are certainly a feature of the summer. For this reason, many photographers would rather venture out to catch the sunrise and sunset to add to their summer photography portfolio.


The price of waking up early for the sunrise is well worth it when you display the final images. My advice on how to succeed on a sunrise shoot? Plan ahead. Make sure you know the location you want to capture. Find a picturesque location o make the most of it. Arrive early before the sunrise to prepare for your shoot.


For the sunset, we recommend the same. Arrive early and prepare thoroughly with the sufficient equipment and knowledge on how to successfully perform the shoot.


Capture what is called the golden hours, these are special times of the day when you use the natural light to take photos. The golden hours are when the sun is rising and setting, and the sun rays bath the surroundings in a golden glaze. When you complete the sunrise and sunset pictures, you will reap the rewards by capturing the most beautiful colours that summer photography has to offer.



Get creative with shadows


As you can see with the shots below, you can get creative with the shadows that the outdoors has to offer. Remember, we can use the light to our advantage with harsh sunlight creating harsh shadows. Here, is an example that shows how harsh shadows are used to create a subtle aesthetic effect.


Capture the greenery in your summer photography


The UK is famous for its lush countryside in the summer. Therefore, we recommend heading out to your local countryside to capture our stunning green landscape.  As you can see in our attempt below, we spotted a fair few wonderful countryside spots to take pictures.


Summer Photography - Fields


Summer Photography - Daffodils

Summer Photography Overview


Seasonal photography articles are not something unfamiliar at Megabooth. We include articles on both autumn photography and spring photography. In every article, we include images in locations where we believe would best show the season. The two areas that we would pick for summer photography are the forest and fields. These locations show the variety of shots that you can create when taking photographs in the summer. Also, don’t feel like you have to take photos on a clear day to create a summer portfolio. Of course, when setting the scene around harsh shadows, you may need to rely on a clear day. However, when living in the UK, the weather in the summer is unpredictable, so feel free to work around the weather, venture out, and create your own summer photography story.





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