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5 game ideas that will make your wedding reception truly memorable

Make your wedding reception truly memorable

5 game ideas that will make your wedding reception truly memorable

Are you looking to make your wedding reception a party that your guests will never forget? You’ve already got the great food, the top-notch DJ and copious bottles of bubbly on the go, but you’re still looking for that detail that will make your party stand out from every other wedding held among your friends and family.
The answer is games. Games at a wedding reception are gaining in popularity, but they’ve not yet reached the point where they are considered mainstream – in fact, most people will never have been to a wedding with games involved.
If you’ve got a large outdoor area and plenty of kids – and big kids, of course – coming along, then here are five game ideas to make your wedding reception truly memorable.

5 game ideas that will make your wedding reception truly memorable


An independent survey recently ranked Jenga as Hasbro’s fourth most popular board game of all time, no mean feat given we are talking about the company that gave the world Sorry and Hungry Hippos. Jenga is, therefore, a guaranteed winner for a wedding reception, especially if you acquire a giant life-sized set for your guests to play with. You’ll enjoy it even more once the wine starts flowing and the game inevitably descends into farce.


Nothing says sophistication like a spot of croquet. Six hoops, four balls, two mallets, a patch of grass and the quintessential English lawn sport. All of a sudden, you have a society wedding in your hands. Either that or your guests can simply smack the balls as hard as possible down to the other end of the garden. Whatever approach they take, croquet will provide a real talking point and some decent entertainment at any wedding reception.

Giant draughts

Everybody loves a game of draughts, mainly because it is quick and simple to play. Order a giant set along with a giant board and let adults and kids alike do battle. In the unlikely event that nobody is interested in playing a game of draughts, you can always turn both the counters and the board into quirky additional seating.

Pickle ball

Chances are you’ve never heard of pickleball, but this American sport is perfect for a wedding reception. It combines elements from some other racquet sports – a pickleball racquet comes from table tennis, a pickleball court comes from badminton, and a Pickleball Net Height is the same of that in tennis – into one gentle sport that requires minimal effort. Your guests will only need to hit a ball gently over a net to one another with very little physical exercise involved, making this a great lawn game for a sunny outdoors reception.

Dress up photo booth

Dressing up isn’t just a game restricted to small kids. Get a photo booth in for your wedding reception and provide as many ludicrous clothes and props for guests to be pictured in as possible. You could even offer a prize for the funny photo that snapped in the booth over the course of the evening.





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