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The concept of 3D experiences has been around for centuries. It was originally known as Stereo photography. Theme parks and cinemas have experimented with the technology – we’ve all worn the anaglyph glasses at some point? To fully understand the concept of 3D effects, it is important to know how it happens. 3D photography and videography captures and displays two offset visuals that are a little different from each other, so much so that they produce 3 dimensional effects. This posed a question, how can we use the technology for creative photo experiences?

The history of 3D Experiences

To develop our ideas we wanted to explore the history of 3D effects. We had to research into it’s origins that date back to 1839. It was the same year that recognised the birth of practical photography. Renowned inventor Thomas Edison also toyed with the idea of stereoscopic film projection in 1891, the same year the Edison lab revealed its Kinetoscope.

Sir Charles Wheatstone invented the  Stereoscope and in his first publications he showed a series of paired geometric shapes. The corresponding sides of each pair were drawn to evoke a slightly different perspective on the human eye. Designed to make the mind believe that it is seeing three dimensional objects.

By 1939 the technology had reached the mainstream. William Henry Fox Talbot came out with the first set of 3D photographic stereo images with the help of his photography process. The immediate years that followed included the creation of products including ViewMaster and cardboard glasses fitted with 3D films.

The technology is an essential part of developing our ideas in creating new and exciting photo experiences. Here’s some of our favourite campaigns all using the idea of 3D technology;

Jourdan Dunn Just shaking that money maker in Julien Macdonald #MTVEMA in this multi layered 3D video.  They’ve separate the 4 CMYK colors that make up a printed visual — cyan, magenta, yellow and black — for a fun add-on to your photos.

Christian Dior ‘I Feel Blue’ Autumn/Winter 2017-18 3D holographic fashion show by fashion designer Maria Grazia Chiuri.Bosch taking 3D literally for a marketing campaign. They took over two shop units in the station ticket hall and utilises various other ad spaces throughout the station.

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