3D Camera Array

3D Camera Array – Create a bullet-time boomerang effect with one camera

Capture a sequence of moments in time and create a three-dimensional animation from a single camera array. You don’t need multiple cameras and a fancy array rig to get the bullet time effect.

The 3D Camera Array creates a bullet effect ready to share instantly social. The fully automated trigger system means the iPad glides across a sleek customisable track to produce a seamless output with a touch of a button. The advanced Boomerang element content creates various perspectives simultaneously and without even a millisecond of delay, delivering a multi-viewpoint animated GIF within seconds of the capture.

Taken at the London Summer Event Show 2019

Part camera array, part boomerang burst

3D Camera Array offers brands an opportunity to showcase personalised visual content that customers want to share. Participants can share their moments instantly from the Boomarray tablet after they complete their session.

3D Camera Array Personalisation

3d Camera Array for events

The 3D Camera Array structure is fully customisable. Our creative team can produce everything from physical sets, interactive iPad software and backdrops to augmented reality and digitally animated overlays.

This little GIF wonder is eye-catching and will help you engage with their audience in the digital age. If your activation is looking for the ultimate wow factor and the most impressive social amplification possible, our single camera array built to generate mass on-site excitement and help brands share the moment online. Mimic the effect of a camera array without the expense and without compromising on quality.

3D Camera Array photo booth

Package information

– Boomarray, GIFs, and Photos
– Custom Backdrop
– Animated Overlay Design
– Private Gallery
– Instant Sharing
– GDPR Data Capture
– Wifi Hotspot

In addition to our standard packages, we offer a custom white label email service. Therefore, you can promote your campaign or interact with your customers through a unique photo opportunity. Making content easily shareable provides the most effective platform to make an impact on social media.



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