360-Degree Photography

360-Degree Photography

Turn your event into a 360-degree photography experience

Photography is changing; smart phones, Instagram and billion megapixel cameras have turned even the most amateur of enthusiasts into wannabee photographers. Time-lapse photography is the new trend of the moment, it’s a technique used to accentuate the movement of the sun, clouds and stars. If you’re familiar with time-lapse photography, 360 panoramic images is the next step forward in visual innovation. Made up of hundreds or thousands of photos stitched together to create a virtual tour that can be individually designed to suit the company brand and image.

The result of the 360-degree photograph is a premium real world photo experience discovered online through graphical technology created by our sister company The Social Picture. The professional photographers at The Social Picture will ensure that the 360-Degree photography captures your event and puts the viewer at the heart of the image.

360-Degree Festival Photography

For Soho House’s yearly event, House Festival, set in the charming grounds of English Heritage site, Marble Hill House, one of the professional photographers at The Social Picture captured the day from the middle of the crowd at the main stage with a 360-degree shot.

360-Degree Photography

Watch the 360-degree shot here

How it works

The photographer sets their cameras to take constant photos for a period of time, each shot set for a 1 to 2 minute exposure, in this time the camera takes between 100-200 photos, depending on the time you have set.
The photography will then edit and stitch the photos together, giving you a 360-degree time-lapse panorama.

The demand for the latest in photography innovation has reached new heights and The Social Picture continues to push the boundaries of what can be achieved to create the ultimate interactive photography, 360-Degree panoramic images is a step forward in cutting edge photography that can turn your event into an immersive digital

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