#3 PHOTO ACTIVATION OF THE YEAR: MIB International - Megabooth


The Ray-Ban Predator sunglasses worn by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black have become symbolic with the MIB International franchise. Will Smith even sings about them in the title song, ‘the black suits with the black Ray-Bans on’. The image of Will Smith putting the sunglasses on and saying ‘You know the difference between you and me…I make this look good’ has remained ingrained in our psyche ever since. At least for us at Megabooth HQ anyway. 

MIB International Custom Video App

In MIB: International, the agents need to tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the organisation. Their plan in defeating the mole included a full take over at Waterloo Station to find agents to help them uncover the truth. The MIB zone at the bustling Waterloo Station invited commuters to join the Men In Black London branch by recreating the iconic sunglasses scene. With a stand packed with MIB agents, all potential recruits saw their Branch ID video appear on the big screens in the famous London train station.

The recruiter videos were captured through a custom MIB International app that featured an instructional video by Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) and a determined rookie M (Tessa Thompson). The bespoke app created a looped video for videos, reminiscent of the classic Men In Black sunglasses scene. Commuters could share their videos directly from the video booth. If your application to MIB agency was unsuccessful, you could still take home a pair of MIB sunglasses.

The ‘Men In Black: International’ film hit cinemas on the 14th June 2019, and the activation took place from the 10th to the 16th June. Look out for the next instalment of the MIB franchise, it might be your time next to protect the earth from the scum of the universe…

Here come the Men in Black (Men in Black)
Galaxy defenders (ooh, ooh, ooh)…