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2017 Wedding Trends

2017 Biggest Wedding Trends from Naomi Shaw

Wedding trends evolve as styles and tastes change with each passing year and decade. For 2017, brides and grooms are opting for elegance, modernity and a chic personalization for their event.

Today’s couples want an event that embraces their own uniqueness and personal style. Ceremonies and receptions now go beyond the traditional church and banquet halls. For the ceremony, destination weddings remain popular, and non-religious sites like gardens and even museums make stunning backdrops for meaningful vow exchanges. When it comes to the big after-party, couples pull in their own loves to create a party that rocks the night for their guests.

This year is the year of extraordinary elegance, unique touches and personalized surprises. Plan a wedding with wow by incorporating these trends:

Heavenly Hues

The flowers in the photos are by the very talented florist Matt Hepplestone of the Red Floral Company in Manchester.

Colors—like fashion—change in popularity each year. Last year, rose quartz (or millennial pink as it was often dubbed) surged and rose gold bedecked everything from bridesmaid’s dresses to phones.  Pink is still popular, and, according to Bridalguide.com, 2017 will be the year of blush.

Use touches of this sweet hue to create the allure of romance. Opt for blush pink roses for bouquets or add delicate satin blush ribbons around the base of floral arrangements. For flushing bliss, choose blush for a main wedding color. The warm glow flatters most individuals and makes an elegant choice for bridesmaid dresses.
The flowers in the photos are by the very talented florist Matt Hepplestone of the Red Floral Company in Manchester.

Blush isn’t the only color dominating 2017. Always look to Pantone for the latest ‘it’ colors. Pantone’s color of 2017 is Greenery—a soothing grass-green that evokes nature and eco-purity.  The best way to incorporate Greenery is with greenery! Use sprigs of lush greenery as accents in floral arrangements.


Band vs. DJ
The North East based band Radio King are making a name for themselves on the wedding circuit.

Many couples allocate a hefty amount of their budget for the big after-party—the reception! Anything goes in 2017, but the big trend is opting for different choices in music. Many couples—per Bridalguide.com—don’t choose either a DJ or the band but opt for both. Mix up the sounds if the budget allows and hire a DJ to begin the night and then bring in the live band for a more personalized style.

Capture the Memories

One of the most fun and most popular reception trends is the photo booth. This allows guests to capture their own memories with fun props and provides an awesome souvenir. Photo booths can be customized for each couple with props that highlight their interests and style to create fun snapshots and goofy photo-ops from the memorable event.


Monogram - Wedding Trends

The monogram is a classy way for the couple to leave their personal mark on the wedding. Use an elegant monogram for stationary—including the wedding invites. Pull in the couple’s monogram for a glittery and elegant topper on a wedding cake in lieu of the traditional bride and groom. Edible monograms also can be crafted from fondant icing.

The Dress

Fashion is the hallmark of a wedding, and the bridal gown is the centerpiece. The Knot reports that 2017 is the rise of the wedding cape. That’s right, gowns will feature lovely capes. Many top designers including Lela Rose and Ines Di Santo intricately integrated wedding capelets with eye-catching details on the runway.

For spring 2017, Monique Lhuillier’s bridal collection features lots of luscious lace and sheer designs.  Think romance mixed with a sexy seduction.

Feathers also play prominently on upcoming wedding gowns for 2017. The flowing delicate wispiness of feathers creates playful and innocent style. Choose a dress that features peacock feathers for a fun flirty pop of color. Or opt for a feather accented fascinator instead of the traditional veil.

Wedding trends for 2017 focus on individual tastes and design, as well as stylized designer details like lace and feathers. Greenery and blush create the natural nod that ushers in the colors of 2017. Incorporate these colors through details in the bouquet or use them with vigor in dress colors for bridesmaids. While trends and fads change with the year, couples should look to their own tastes, interests and style to make their wedding a unique and memorable masterpiece.

Article by Naomi Shaw





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