10 things every groom needs to know - Megabooth

10 things every groom needs to know


10 things every groom needs to know

You and Your Wedding’s – 10 things every groom needs to know – the Megabooth version

We stumbled across an article on You and Your Wedding about essential wedding etiquette tips for guys..and it got us thinking about the role a wedding photo booths plays for the groom. Here’s our attempt…

1. Look alive – this one speaks for itself. It’s your big day, so only a smile from ear to ear will keep your better half happy.

2. Anything goes on your outfit – with a photo booth it’s all about the props you pick, prepare them first and never be like a deer caught in the headlights…and NEVER be outwitted on your wedding day.Wedding photo booth | 10 things every groom needs to know

3. A standout buttonhole – an obvious addition to your suit, but it needs to be spot on for your photo booth pics. You and Your Wedding recommend checking out her wedding flowers Pinterest board for ideas and we have to agree!

4. Do sweat the full stuff – remember your better half is busy arranging flower arrangements, the table plan, accessories and of course the bridesmaids. So it may be up to you to organise the photo booth, so make sure you remember to order the guestbook and wedding props – they are free of charge!

5. Set some stag rules – whether you were gallivanting in Vegas or dancing through to the early hours on the white isles of Ibiza, leave the typical ‘stag’ behaviour behind.. to an extent.

The ushers' role | 10 things every groom needs to know

6. It’s ok to be groomzilla – following on from the last two things a groom needs to know, attention to detail is everything!

7. The role of the groomsmen – sometimes guests need some encouragement to use the photo booth especially if the champagne hasn’t started to flow yet – get the ushers’ on the case.

10 Things you need to know | Wedding Taxi Photo Booth

8. Send a little love note to the bride’s – Speak to us before the big day and arrange a photo with a note to be sent to your blushing bride on the morning of the wedding.

9. Make an effort in ALL the photos – erm… if you’ve got to this point and you haven’t realised this by now then we don’t fancy your chances.

10. Nothing can prepare you for the moment she walks down the aisle. Savour it! Savour it all, and what better way to relive the day than a collection of photos. hint hint…

Original article by Hollie Bond & Scirrotto